5 Reason Why Stay at Angsana Bintan Resort, No. 5 Will Not be Forgotten

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Bintan Island, as you know the beauty of nature in Bintan like it will not be finished to told, that why I can visited Bintan Island repeatedly in a month and people who really like the beach like me, it's no wonder anymore to make bintan island as the most visited tourist destination, then last week I decided to take a vacation and stay at Angsana Bintan Resort.

I have 5 reason why I choose Angsana Bintan Resort as my destination in Bintan Island.

picture source : https://www.angsana.com/

(1) The Pretty Huge Beach and Sunrise View
Lagoi is the tourism are in Bintan Island which is maintained in quality and cleanliness, therefore the area of lagoi is very well known as beautiful coastline with blue sea. Angsana Bintan Resort located exactly in the area of Lagoi Bintan. They have a pretty huge beach, smooth sands and clearly blue sea, I think thats really beach goals. Not only a the beautiful beach that can realize here but also the sunrise view it was amazing and so so so perfect. I do really love the beauty nature at there and feel wanna back there again and again. 

enjoy !

enjoy my life with beach life haha

watching sunrise coming up and warming up my heart 

my favorite part of morning is sunrise 

(2) Good Room and Suites
Angsana Bintan Resort have a good taste of their room and suites, Luxury and complete facilities. Many type of room and suites in Angsana Bintan Resort: Island Chill Room, Sea Breeze Room Queen, Sea Breeze Room Twin, Island Suite, and Island Family Suite. Mine is Island Suite with pool and beach view. uhm, The suite is good and spacious, the toiletries are so complete and good stuff. for this one they really provide us the complete stuff like body lotion and conditioner. I also found a welcome letter and meals with my name from Angsana Bintan Resort, it was really sweet muehehehe. for the detail of room and suites , you can refer to this Link 

its to romantic for my self vacation muahahaha, but so nice , I Like 

my bed , was so cute 

living room 

bath stuff

kitchen corner 

complete stuff and toiletries

welcome letter and snack from @angsanabintan to me 

(3) Delicious Food and Beverage 
Vacation without culinary is not enough, I choose Angsana Bintan Resort also about their food and beverage menu are good and have a healthy option heheh and with my diet life I can eat well at there, When I ask the staff what a recommend beverage here ? they said the Angsana Punch, then I try as they told and I found a good and fresh one. really love and I order it third in 2 days muahahaha , it just being my favorite and you have to try ! they provide lunch package a la carte at Lotus Cafe , Barbecue Dinner Buffet at Xana Beach Club and Breakfast Buffet at Lotus Cafe. so far their menu was so yummy for me. its make me happy for a surely.

My Lunch Menu , salmon meuniere

Lunch @ Lotus Cafe

BBQ Menu

Dinner on the beach  

BBQ Dinner @ Xana Beach Club

Top 3 Beverage , Angsana Punch is my favorite (first at right)

Breakfast Snack

(4) Peaceful Atmosphere
Angsana Bintan Resort is far from the city crowd , we will get the really peaceful atmosphere. Area of Laguna have 3 resort in there as Cassia Bintan Resort, Angsana Bintan Resort and Banyan Tree Bintan Resort the 3 are connected by beach walk only. I look some decoration of romantic dinner at beach for family or couple . wuah its was like romantic dinner dream with a very good corner at beach. I hope can get it someday with my partner muahahha. 

Morning Vibes @angsanabintan

Beautiful stone @angsanabintan

Sunrise @angsanabintan

(5) Tons of Activities 
Here the best point of Angsana Bintan Resort. Tons of activities start from free and paid. all activities at Angsana Bintan Resort are good quality activities with a careful mentors, you can see the list of activities in this Link
I try to take a some sea sport activity like jet ski , standing paddle board and kayaking, I try to drive a jet ski for the first time and it really fun its fee like I can across the ocean hahahaha, for the kayaking it was failed because of the waves are very aggressive and dragged my canos to the beach. No matter what , I feel so happy and not be forgotten for this experience, another activities I took as like : Sunrise and Ocean Zumba .

Jet Ski , In Frame : @Nita

Kayaking , In Frame : Me @Arosmarita

Standing Paddle Board , In Frame : @ekaaprilya

Sunrise Yoga, In Frame : @Nita

Sunrise Yoga , in frame : @ekahandaa

me : taking a selfie after playing water sport at @angsanabintan

So, you have read my 5 reason why I choose Angsana Bintan Resort , Hope you can get a good information from my article and get your own experience at Angsana Bintan Resort, you also can share it on your blog ! , and the conclusion is rate of Angsana Bintan Resort from me is 9 from 10. really nice !

Have a Good Day . Everyone !

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  1. keren yaaa bisa tinggal di resort kece

    1. yoi , ini resort ter keren yang pernah aku stay in .

  2. Gila...Gila keren banget ini mah, wajib kesini nih kalo liburan nnti.

  3. menarik untuk didatangi khususnya para travelers

    1. boleh banget nih main ke kepri , makasih ya kunjungannya :)

  4. Recomend banget nih buat nnti liburan kesana

    1. silahkan visit kepri kak , terima kasih kunjungannya ya

  5. Jadi ingin liburan kesana๐Ÿ˜

    1. wah di segerakan kalau begitu heheh , terima kasih kunjungannya

  6. Nice information you got here! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  7. Such an interesting resort to visit :)

  8. it was really awesome, hope next holiday will be there. Nice info sis..

  9. Perhaps I can visit that place

  10. how much price a day stay in there ?

    1. uncertain price, but you can check traveloka, tiket dot com or agoda for room and suite price. sometimes has many promos offer. btw, thanks for visit :)

  11. what a wonderful place, thanks for sharing.
    Stay awesome kka!!

  12. Kak... Untuk review resortnya, ko gak di cantumin yaaa harganya ?

    1. rate harga soalnya berubah-ubah , tapi dari rate 2,5 - 5 juta per malam , tergantung type kamar ya, biasanya aku kalau book hotel di agoda soalnya suka ada diskon dan diskonnya lebih gede dari yang lian , tapi masi bayar tax sih, bisa cari perbandingan dulu kalau mau book ya :) makasih kunjungannya dear

  13. Replies
    1. dapat salam dari welcome letter bertuliskan dear Ade prawita dan cemilan dari Angsana, salam aja tapi hahah

    2. hahahaha setidaknya nama w sampe ya kak kesana, walaupun raga nya engga :D