Back to Basic Nature with Mutiara Beach Resort in Bintan

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Hello guys ,
after a long time no posting some word here. Finally I'm back with some information for you. so if you looking for Mutiara Beach Resort in Bintan review, here we go. I'll tell you about it here . enjoy my blog ! So, in last weekend I've visited Mutiara Beach Resort with my friends, we depart from Batam by speed boat to Tanjung Uban (IDR. 53K - one way ticket) then we continue our trip by Rental Car to Bintan (IDR. 250K - 24 Hours rental + 150K Gasoline). After 1 hour traveling time from Tanjung Uban to Bintan , finally we reached Mutiara Beach Resort.

First Impression
Like a hidden place, we served by nature and simple view, I think this place will be fun and just feel throwback to Indonesia in many years ago with the traditional house. Our arrival was welcomed by Mr. Ruma and fresh Indonesian beverage as our welcome drink : Ginger Ice Tea, to be honest I don't know the name but ya its ginger! muehehehe.

Stay 1N 2D
We stay in Cottage Comfort with complete mosquito repellent like mosquito lotion, mosquito net and  others toiletries stuff except toothbrush and toothpaste , so you can prepare your own or you can buy at Warung House at Mutiara Beach Resort. there's no AC in cottage only a fan but its enough I think because the wooden cottage is so many ventilation muehehehe. just beware about the coconut fall there're so many palm tree around of cottage.

Aroma River Spa
Mutiara Beach Resort also have the spa therapist, their Spa House are located on the mangrove river it was a pretty huge and relaxing place, the also have a nice and very welcoming therapist, I have really enjoying for stay here.

Mangrove Tour 
They also have facilities such as mangrove tours using canoes. this is really fun for me personally. the river is very clean and clear, many aquatic animals live in it, one of which is seen by me are two tortoises swimming. very beautiful !

Beach Viewing with sunset, red moon and sunrise 
Ok, I think this is my favorite part. I can see the beautiful and quite clean beach in Mutiara Beach Resort. I am enjoying beach in afternoon , night and early morning mueheheeh , my life is on the beach for a day. it was really really good. ah , that point is so cool because they provide us a bonfire on the beach at night and its made the night really awesome. wind blowing , good music , the sound of waves , stars in the sky , the the fantastic red mood it complete our togetherness in the end of week, me and my friend really happy with this .

The Hospitality and Menu
I think their hospitality is not bad,  I have met friendly staff at Mutiara Beach Resort, but some have no greeting, some was really nice. Then about their food menu of breakfast is was so standard but ya its ok, they only provide for a la carte menu not buffet.

Others accommodation 
They have the italian pizza menu , beach club, and reading corner , maybe they also have the rental bike to go out from resort and see neighborhoods around. not sure but ya I think they have, you can ask them for this point hehehhe .

ya thats all my Review about Mutiara Beach Resort , hope it will be helpfully for you guys , sorry if this uncompleted information hehehe .
keep travel around the world and see our wonderful Indonesia .


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